Feb 4, 2012

最近のお気に入り/ My recent favorite bakery in Chicago

Swedish Bakery by fumika yamamoto
Swedish Bakery, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.



Swedish bakery in my neighborhood has become my favorite bakery lately. The store gets really packed with so many customers on weekends, so I avoid going there on weekends. Although I have never met any Swedish people in this area, there is a Swedish Museum and a Swedish grocery store also

Swedishベーカリーでは大きなシュークリームを買いました。アメリカっぽく私の拳の2個分くらいあるサイズのシュークリーム。 値段は3ドルでした。 日本のシュークリームとは違って生地は固めだし中のクリームはバタークリームみたくなっていてあまり甘くはないけど美味しいとは感じなかった。

I bought a huge French Cream Puff from Swedish Bakery for $3, but I did not really like it. The cream tasted like butter cream and the crust was bit hard.


Valentine's day is coming up soon, so I saw a lot of Valentine cookies♥

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