Feb 12, 2012

余った南瓜の種で/ With left over Kabocha seeds

roasted kabocha seeds by fumika yamamoto
roasted kabocha seeds, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.


When I cut a kabocha yesterday, I saw some seeds. Because I did not want to waste them, I decided to make some roasted kabocha seeds.


If you want to roast kabocha seeds well, I recommend boiling them for 20 minutes in order to clean them. Also make sure to add some salt, so there will be some salty taste in your kabocha seeds. After that, dry them for 24 hours.


Mix some melted butter, some olive oil and salt together, then put some kabocha seeds and mix them well. You can use a regular oven too, but I used an oven toaster since there were not a lot of seeds to roast. I roasted them for about 10 minutes.


You need to make sure to watch your seeds and mix while they are in an oven toaster because they will get burned very easily.


I love hearing the noise of roasted kabocha seeds when they are still hot. They make cute noises. I think I burned them a bit, but still they taste good!


The price of nuts went up lately. Their price makes me get hesitated to buy them.


Anyway, I think mine taste much better than the ones that I can buy from a grocery store and I like how I know what is in my roasted kabocha seeds because I cooked them.

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