Jul 5, 2012

Sleeping on her tummy / うつむけに寝る

Sleeping on her tummy by fumika yamamoto
Sleeping on her tummy, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

I was told never ever let your baby sleep on her/his tummy when I took a baby class about SIDS.


Mia is 4 weeks old today, and I realized that her voice is louder and she talks a lot more.


She screams often while she sleeps, so I put her on her tummy because I thought she might need to burp.


After I put her on her tummy, she fell back asleep again and she stopped screaming.


I am not sure if I want to do it at night while I try to sleep, but maybe I can do this again while I am awake and watch her sleep because I get worried when I hear her screams!


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