Jul 11, 2012

A baby class at Any Baby Can / お母さんとお父さんの為のベビーのクラス

Miyuki and I went to Incredible Years for Infants class today. I met her son, Benjamin for the first time. He was a little cute baby just like Mia.


We spent some time trying to put Mia's car seat base in Miyuki's car because we are not an expert about an infant's car seat yet. But anyway we were able to make to the class though.


First thing I thought about when I saw 2 babies together in a car was babies are small people, but they need a lot of stuff and they take a lot of space.


It was intense being in a class with Mia because when she started fussing, I could only hear Mia's voice. Thus I could not hear or pay attention to what my teacher was talking about.


After the class we went to Upper Crust Bakery for lunch. One woman who works there wanted to see Mia because she remembered me during my pregnancy.


Miyuki and I were nervous about taking out 2 babies together, but we were able to do it well. I was glad that Mia and Benjamin did not start crying at the same time.


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