Jul 17, 2012

Hopdoddy Burger Bar / ホップドティイバーガーバー

Llano Poblano by fumika yamamoto
Llano Poblano, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

I am into eating burgers recently.


I went to Hopdoddy Burger Bar on West Anderson for the second time.


This time I tried Llano Poblano. It got some roasted poblano chiles that made the burger to be bit spicy. The burger was big, juicy and delicious.


I kind of wished their size of burgers was smaller and their price was cheaper, but oh well they make good burgers and shake! Somehow I did not care too much about their fries this time.


I tried Caramel Sea Salt Shake for the first time since the cashier person recommended me to try it. It looked beautiful and tasted good.


I like how they got BBQ sauce, honey mustard and Chipotle sauce not just some ketchup.


Oh today Mia got to ride a train first time in Austin.


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