Aug 23, 2014

Swimming at the Jidokan / 児童館でのプール

Mia and I have been enjoying using the Jidokan near our apartment ever since we moved to Tokyo especially since we live in a small apartment. Although I love how I can get pretty much everything in Tokyo except delicious BBQ and Mexican food in Austin, Texas, I miss having more space that Mia can run around.


Japanese Jidokan is a children's facility/building that has pools during summer time, a little outside park, toys, pens and papers to draw and more...; it offers babies/children's classes for free or very low prices.


Today was the last swimming day at the Jidokan, so Mia enjoyed being in water with other children. It still gets hot and humid in here, but I can feel the fall is here already by looking at cherry leaves on the ground that changed their colour from green to yellow.


I think we had enough of hot days and I am looking forward to my favourite time of the year in Tokyo!


Water tastes so good!
The last swimming day at the Jidokan!
Jidokan pools

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