Aug 29, 2014

Artists, Yuzo Saeki and Tsune Nakamura / 画家の佐伯祐三と中村彝

After reading about some famous painters, such as Yuzo Saeki and Tsune Nakamura used to live in my area and their studios still exist here at the ward office, I always wanted to visit their studios and it finally happened!


Both of them had a cute small art studio.

Below is Yuzo Saeki's art studio in Nakaochiai, Tokyo.

Yuzo Saeki's art studio

Yuzo Saeki was born in Osaka, Japan in 1898 and his father was a Buddhist monk. In 1921 he married a painter, Yoneko Ikeda. He was a student at Académie de la Grande Chaumière in Paris in 1924; he loved living in Paris and the city inspired him to paint. His nick name was "Van Gogh of Japan" because his style was similar to Van Gogh's work. He passed away when he was 30-yr-old in Paris.


Inside of Yuzo Saeki's studio
He was a good looking man!
Yuzo Saeki's studio
Yuzo only used this studio for four years.

Below is Tune Nakamura's art studio.
Tsune Nakamura's art studio

Tsune Nakamura was born as the fifth child of samurai family in Mito, Ibaraki prefecture in 1887. He went to a junior army school in Nagoya to become a solider, however he contracted tuberculosis which ended his military career. Tsune always enjoyed drawing and painting as a child that led him to become an artist. He was a member of a painting groups, such as Hakuba Kai and Taiheiyo Gakai. Tune`s work was influenced by Rembrandt, Renoir and Cezanne.


He built a good relationship with Soma family who was known as the art patron and the owner of Shinjuku Nakamuraya. There was a studio in the back of their house; they let him live there. Their oldest daughter, Shunko posed him as a nude model for his work. He fell in love with her, but her family did not want her to marry him because of his illness. Heartbroken Tune left for Izu Oshima in 1914, then he built an art studio in Shimo Ochiai, Tokyo after getting help from a patron financially. He passed away from his illness at the age of thirty seven.

Tsune Nakamura's studio
I think Mia enjoyed visiting art studios with me.


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