Aug 31, 2014

Moroheiya / モロヘイヤ

Moroheiya are originally from Egypt and they are considered as superfood. They were introduced to Japan in 1980s because of their nutritious value.


Moroheiya contain more than twice of beta carotene compare to spinach; they are rich in vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, calcium and iron. When you chop it up, the slimy substance that is called mucin comes out that is the same substance in okras. Mucin can help diabetes and protect stomach.


I normally use Moroheiya in my miso soup or green smoothie. I feel like they can be added any dishes or sweets because they do not have much taste.


I was able to buy a bag of Moroheiya for only 100 yen at a grocery store because it is still in season. After using leaves for my green smoothie, I decided to grow them in a glass jar with some water. Some roots came out, so I moved them to a pot. They are very easy to grow during the summer.


Moroheiya can grow up to two meters if you just let them grow and their seeds/fruits are poisonous. There was a report saying that some cattle died after eating their seeds in Japan. Do not eat their seeds/fruits!!!

Growing SuperFood, Moroheiya in my little back yard!

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