Nov 29, 2012

Tous Les Jours

IMG_4714 by fumika yamamoto
IMG_4714, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

Tous Les Jours is a Korean bakery that has started in the U.S. I went WOW when I found Tous Les Jours on North Lamar. It made me to realize that Austin has changed so much!

ベーカリーの名前はTous Les Joursとフランス語だけど何も知らずにたまたまあったので行ってみたベーカリーは韓国のベーカリーだった。オースチンでこんなベーカリーを見つける事はまずないのでびっくり。

I did not know anything about it, so I was surprised as soon as I walked in because it was like a bakery in Japan.


I liked how they had a decent size eating/drinking area.


I ordered their sweet bean buns, however I was little disappointed because I had a better one before in Tokyo. But their other Korean baked goods were good.

あんぱんを買ってみたけどちょっとがっかり。日本で食べたあんぱんの方が美味しかったので••• 食べた事のない韓国の菓子パンは美味しかった♥

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