May 6, 2012

Baby Shower / ベビーシャワー

Baby Shower by fumika yamamoto
Baby Shower, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

I had my baby shower today.


Mindi baked cute and delicious pink cupcakes, Kristin decorated butterflies, Elise made some fruits kabobs, Stephanie made some pink rice crispy treats and I picked some Texas wild flower from a park.


Eating baby food game was fun and educational. I never knew that there are turkey, chicken and beef baby food. Turkey tasted like chicken and beef did not taste like beef to me.


Haley helped me to open up gifts!


I was glad that I took baby classes when I opened up gifts from my friends because I knew what they were for.


I feel like there are more baby's stuff than my stuff in my room now.


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