Jan 10, 2013

Footmuff / フットマフ

Mia (7 months Week 1) by fumika yamamoto
Mia (7 months Week 1), a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

I finally got a footmuff for Mia after not using my stroller for over 3 weeks in Tokyo.


I was super excited to use my footmuff installed stroller today, however after pushing it for five minutes, Mia started to make her uncomfortable noises.


When I saw her face, I saw some tears running on her face.


It was her first time to be in the stroller facing the front. I always put the car seat in the stroller, so she was facing the back. She probably thought I was gone, and that made her to cry.


After that my stroller became a place to put my bag, haha...


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