Sep 3, 2014

My favourite things / 私のお気に入り

I know it's not hot in #Tokyo today but I am making matcha #kakigori!
Pikachu kagigori machine that we have been using a lot during this summer.


#Bonseki #盆石 The bonsai made by sand and stones. @目白庭園
Stunning Bonseki at Mejiro Garden


I have been eating a lot of rice crackers that I won from Yuki no Yado.


My only perfume at this moment- Od'AZUR by Lancôme
Lancome O d'Azur Eau De
This perfume was a gift and it is the only perfume at this moment. After I got pregnant, I became very sensitive to smell that made me not being able to wear any perfume. Also I moved a few time during and after my pregnancy, so I had to get rid of my other perfume.
I find this is a good perfume to wear during summer time because the smell is sweet, rosy and citrusy.


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