Nov 24, 2013

Yurakucho- the business area in Tokyo/有楽町

17 month: week 4 by fumika yamamoto
17 month: week 4, a photo by fumika yamamoto on Flickr.

I had lunch with my friend yesterday in Yurakucho area.


Mia and I visited Muji before lunch. I was surprised to see a play area for children at Muji since I always had an image of Yurakucho being a business area.


Mia enjoyed playing at the play area with other children a lot.


I had wanted to visit Dhaba India in Kyobashi for a while and I finally got to visit there for lunch! Wow, they were super busy when we went there.


I ordered half size dosa curry lunch that come with some white rice since Mia loves eating rice.


I would love to go back to Yurakucho again!


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